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Embrace the spirit of the harvest season with Mabel's Apothecary's Lughnsadh (Loon-na-sa) Bundle. This curated selection of 100% organic, handmade items is crafted to support holistic healing both physically and spiritually. Each product in the bundle nourishes your body and soul, empowering you to celebrate abundance and gratitude. Ideal for those seeking a deeper connection with nature and their inner selves, our bundle promises an enriching and harmonious experience. Dive into the essence of Lughnsadh (Loon-na-sa) with trusted, quality products from Mabel's Apothecary.

The regular bundle is valued at $40 and includes:

Lughnsadh Tea Blend

2 Lughnsadh Honey Candles

A 1 oz bottle of Lughnsadh Ritual Oil

2 Oz bottle of Dreamers Tincture

3.5 Oz Jar of Laeknir Sol Body Butter


The mini bundle is valued at $10 and includes:

1 Lughsadh Honey Candle - Fire

1 Oz bottle of Lughnsadh Ritual Oil - Air

1 Oz bottle of Sun Water - Water

Satchel of dried Mullein flowers - Earth

Lughnsadh (Loon-na-sa) Bundle

SKU: Lammas40
PriceFrom $8.00

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