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Achillea millefolium, also known as common yarrow, gordaldo, nosebleed plant, old man's pepper, devil's nettle, sanguinary, milfoil, soldier's woundwort, thousand-leaf, and thousand-seal. It is a flowering plant in the family Asteraceae.


Yarrow propagates easily and, in many ways, including via division, stem cuttings and seeds. Division is usually the most convenient, because yarrow grows best if divided about every three years, and you can plant the divided segment immediately in your garden. Stem cuttings require a period of indoor planting, and seeds take the longest of the three methods to see results. See the links below for more detail.


Yarrow is native to Europe and western Asia, but has been naturalized in North America, Australia and New Zealand. Herbal legend has described that yarrow (Achillea millefolium) was named after Achilles, the Greek mythical hero who used it to stop the bleeding wounds of his soldiers during the Trojan War in 1200 BC. In Medieval times, yarrow leaves were rolled up and stuffed in the nose to stop bleeding. The Anglo-Saxons named yarrow, "gaeruwe", from "gearwian", meaning “to prepare” or “to treat” referring primarily to its traditional use as being curative. For centuries, yarrow has been popular in European folk medicine, in part because yarrow contains flavonoids (plant-based chemicals) that support normal saliva secretion and stomach acid, helping to support healthy digestion. Yarrow has a long history of use in many cultures around the world including those of Scandinavia, Asia and Europe. Yarrow is also associated with Aphrodite, Hermes, and the European Horned God. However, this is not the earliest appearance of Yarrow in history, as it was even found (along with other medicinal plants) in a grave at a Neanderthal burial ground.


It is believed to be useful in setting boundaries, regulate creative energy, create calmness, healer of emotional wounds, protective from negative energy, banishing bad habits, carry some to ensure happy relationships, Love, clarity, strength and courage, aids in dream work.


It is believed to help with numerous conditions including internal bleeding. In Europe it is used in the treatment of depression, dull tooth pain, and in drugs to treat Hepatitis. Lithuania is studying it for possible antitumor activities and as a possible larvicide. It has alkaloid achilleine, which is an active monostatic agent (stops bleeding). It promotes sweating has chemical components that act as expectorants, relives cold and flu symptoms, anti-bacterial, wound curing, and anti-inflammatory. It helps with digestive issues, lowers high blood pressure, and improves circulation.


Yarrow is another amazing addition that mother earth has given us to treat our ailments physically, mentally, and spiritually. As always please consult with your physician before consuming, especially if you are on regular medications for chronic illnesses. It can be commonly found all over the world now a days and in many different colors but please make sure you source it responsibly and enjoy.

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