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Black Berry


Bramble, Dewberry, Gout berry, Thimbleberry, and many other names around the world.


Blackberry is part of the Rose family and have similar characteristics with the Wild Roses. They are sprawling and tend to take over the area where their roots take hold. The flowers are white, and the berries start off white and ripen to anywhere from a red color to a dark purple/black color. They grow 5-8 feet tall, and the leaves are ovate and have 3-5 leaflets with the flowers having 5 petals.


Humans have enjoyed blackberries for thousands of years. Preserved remains of the berry were even found in the body of a Danish woman from 2,500 years ago. English lore believed that passing under an archway formed by the brambles would cure many afflictions such as a hernia, pimples, boils and a “Downer Cow” to name a few. Celtic lore believe it is fae fruit and bad luck for humans to eat. Old Christian lore believed that the brambles were used to make Christ’s crown of thorns which caused the berries to turn from red to black. It has also been said that Satan landed on brambles when he was cast from heaven, so it is forbidden to eat them because Satan cursed them. Regardless of the lore they are believed to be protective spiritually and from curses. They were often planted around homes to protect against intruders/Enemies, Vampires and earthbound spirits and keep them from entering the home.


For over 2,000 years, medicine made from the Blackberry Plant has been used as a cough suppressant, Fever Reducer, lung infections, bowel issues, bug bites and boils among other things. The leaves can be placed on burns to relieve the burn and pain from steam or boiling water burns. The berries can be used for the liver and kidneys while the leaf is used for the stomach and intestine issues such as Diarrhea, Fluid retention, Diabetes, gout, inflammation, heart disease and possibly even helping to prevent cancer. They are packed full of Vitamin C which helps with wounds, absorption of Iron, Regenerates skin, reduce free radicals, and shorten the common cold. They are high in fiber which helps with Cholesterol levels, manages blood sugar levels by slowing sugar absorption, provides fuel for healthy gut bacteria, and promotes regular bowl movements. Great source of Vitamin K which helps stop you from bleeding out with a severe cut and helps with your metabolism. They are high in Manganese which helps with bone density, metabolization of carbs, Amino acids, cholesterol, preventing seizures and the formation of collagen. It also may help boost brain and oral health. Research has suggested that an increased intake of blackberries may address obesity by increasing insulin sensitivity and helping the body burn fat more effectively. This is according to WebMD.


Not only are Blackberries delicious they are a miracle fruit that is an unbelievably healthy addition to your diet. I have a friend who has some growing on his back fence and I frequently dodge past his door and head straight for those brambles hoping to grab a few berries on my way in. If you don’t have any at your disposal, I highly recommend planting some on your fence row next year! Otherwise, HAPPY HUNTING!!!

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